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Bio / Coach Profile

I am an Experiential Training Facilitator and Business Coach, with over a decade of international experience, working in a multitude of industries and companies of all sizes.

From being coached, I would say, it’s a transformational conversation, which is future-focussed and delivers positive solutions, which can also be adapted in other areas of life, too.

It’s also about seeing a different perspective, and finding ‘clarity’, so that either the situation is better understood or the actions or behaviour or both. Then accepting and moving the thinking forward, getting insights and using these for learning and development.

One of the important objectives of any coaching session with me, is enablement and empowerment

As an ICF accredited coach, it is important for me to be able to establish trust with client, give them the time and space to reflect. One approach is to review the situation from e.g., a systems thinking perspective for a more thorough evaluation and to arrive at multiple routes going forward.

My objective is to actively listen, be able to challenge limiting beliefs, share observations and to generate greater self-awareness for the client. I aim to enable and empower him /her, so that s/he can identify and resolve the sticking points in their progress.

The client will be able to develop their own strategies to better manage their circumstances and the end result will include increased confidence and improved performance.

When key professionals are given the time and support to stop and reflect, the company can be assured of their continued loyalty. Coaching assists the individual to work through change or a period of stagnation, so that they are able to realise the impact of their behaviour on themselves, their performance, other members of the team. Subsequently, they are able to successfully  implement the necessary changes, to ensure forward movement and growth.

My strengths are in active and positive encouragement, creativity of ideas and structured conversations, in a relaxed atmosphere. My values are respect, openness and integrity and I believe that everyone is capable of more, sometimes they just need to be reminded.


Marcus Aurelius

“Look well into thyself; there is a source of strength which will always spring up if thou wilt always look.”

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