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Continuous Professional Development…

At Cognitivus, we offer a range of courses, working with business of all sizes, in the areas of continuous professional development (CPD).

 An organisation is built on the reputation of its staff. So, it would only be wise to ensure that their skills are maintained and updated - much in the same way, as a learnt language. You constantly need to practise to retain those skills (everyday work).

Courses PicHowever, you also need to constantly update your competencies to make certain that you remain competitive and are aware of the changes taking place within the industry (and using the same analogy, many words are considered old-fashioned...).

Professional language training is much more than what you learnt at school. It’s the next level. It’s about speaking and writing at a business level, so that you communicate effectively and are able to work seamlessly with any nationality. For more information on the number and type of courses available, click here.

Continuous professional development can also include improving your skills related to presentations, managing meetings, key account management, sales, event management etc. At Cognitivus, instructor-led workshops assist you to increase your knowledge and practical abilities to better perform your duties. Fill in an enquiry form, with your requirements and arrange for a convenient time to discuss these in detail.

On a final note, Coaching and Mentoring have been added to the portfolio of courses available.

The benefits are greater leadership, improved team performance, aligned values, notable differences in communication skills and more respect for one and another – to name a few.


Marcus Aurelius

“That which is not good for the bee-hive cannot be good for the bees.”

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