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Language Courses

language coursesAt Cognitivus, we facilitate the learning process by applying the Principles of Adult Education (Androgy). We aim to provide engaging lessons, which will motivate the participant’s desire to acquire new knowledge and heighten their abilities. As such, there are a number of approaches and methodology, which can be adopted to teach an individual. By using these, we can ensure that the participant and the organisation receive the maximum benefits from the training.

In providing opportunities for further training, companies are able to develop and invest in their employees. Language training, specifically, is able to increase opportunities in emerging markets, by removing the ‘language barrier’. Furthermore, it proves to be invaluable resource for staff, who need to deal with call centres / outsourced departments. The immediate return on investment is witnessed in the growth of skill sets and, even in, staff morale. The long-term success is dependent on maintaining and developing these skills.

Prior to the start of any course, we conduct a Needs Analysis, to determine the goals of the individual and organisation. From here, we are able to tailor the language training course so that it will be specific to the client’s requirements. 

Language Training Programmes are available for groups and individuals alike, in a number of focussed areas, including –but not restricted to- the following:


Business English General English 
English for Meetings English for Negotiations
English for Business writing English for Engineering
English for Accounting & Finance English for Banking
English for Taxation English for Presentations
English for Human Resource Management English for IT
English for Logistics Management English for the Chemical Industry
English for Marketing  


Additionally, we offer Online Training courses, as well as Intensive courses on a select number of subjects.

The emphasis is always to develop skills in order to promote growth for the participants.

At Cognitivus, we are passionate about training and assisting our clients' with their progression.


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“Business and growing jobs is about taking risk, sometimes failing, sometimes succeeding, but always striving."

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