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The objective of any translation is to accurately convey the intended message, in a manner written and used in the target language; only then, is the version exact and easily understandable.

Cognitivus provides business to business translations in an extensive range of languages, for company documentation (forms, procedures etc.), websites and marketing material, technical manuals and specialty texts such as those required for legal and contractual purposes. Our extensive network of trusted translators allows us to source an experienced and qualified linguist for your specific project. S/he will also have competent writing skills and be able to communicate in the appropriate writing style (i.e. use accurate terminology and depth in language, for the desired document and audience).

We prefer to develop long term relationships with our clients, understanding their products, industry and essentially their requirements. We offer a tailored and complete translation service, where each translation project that we manage is viewed individually, enabling us to provide you with the best and most cost-effective solution on a project to project basis.

Our clients benefit from a single point of contact, who is responsible for managing their project(s), from start to finish. The chosen translator will either have expertise in the client’s industry or will perform the necessary research for the terminology, to ensure the effective fulfilment of the translation requirements. The results will be of the highest language quality and accuracy, delivered within the specified timeframe.

Furthermore, on completion, the translation is carefully proofread by a native translator, to correct any mistakes related to lengthy sentences, inconsistencies, missing facts, inappropriate usage, and overly complex phraseology.

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Mark Twain

“A man’s character may be learned from the adjectives which he habitually uses in conversation.“

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