Cognitivus provides continuous professional development (CPD) through coaching, enhancing your hard / soft skills and via language training.

We believe that we can assist you to develop your business acumen and mindset so that you can better attain your personal or professional goals. Business Coaching and Mentoring is available for executives, individuals and teams to improve e.g., performance, vision, strategy etc. Additionally, learn and practise a range of hard / soft skills, including presentation techniques, writing effectively, event management in workshops and courses.
If the focus is internationalisation, then choose a language courses from Business English to English for Accounting and Finance to General English. Click here for further details.

Established in 2012, our facilitators bring a wealth of experience, from a multitude of industries. Cognitivus is a complete service provider offering testing, language training and reporting for progress and continual growth. We endeavour to deliver interactive courses, which inspire the participants and generate the passion to learn.


Pliny the Younger

“Difficile est tenere quae acceperis nisi exerceas.”

(It is difficult to retain what you have learned unless you practise it.)

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