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Customised Training


Cognitivus is committed to delivering a quality service tailored to customer requirements as we believe that providing practical training, which directly benefits the client, makes life more satisfying and rewarding.

We offer the opportunity for training and continuous professional development to improve performance, individually or as a team; in terms of soft / hard skills (sales, presentations, communications); or in developing your internationalisation skills by focussing on your language proficiency.

We have a track record of working with supervisors and management, where there has been a slowdown in progress for whatever reason; or just a general feeling of confusion following change and change management.

Our expertise and delivery of training / coaching spans across the whole organisation and focuses on optimised work performance to meet business objectives, whether it is for an individual or company wide.

We will:

Conduct a company training needs analysis

Conduct individual training needs analysis

Design a course to meet the needs of the company and employees

Deliver the training at a convenient time and location

Evaluate the effectiveness of the training


Customised training is designed to enhance the customer’s capabilities and confidence in performing their duties effectively. We concentrate on the extra learning you may need to reach your goals.


Karen Lamb

“A year from now you may wish you had started today.”

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