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Account Management

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In this day and age, with organisations streamlining and finding ways to cut cost, customer support is typically performed by a team. As is often the case, the same enquiry is repeated many times to much of the team to find a solution; or over-zealous team members contact the customer, unaware that the enquiry is being dealt with. 


At Cognitivus, we provide all our customers with a single account manager, who has ultimate responsibility for all areas of business and is fully trained on the product areas to assist them in understanding the options that are available. We place a high value on customer satisfaction throughout our business cycle and we prefer to build relationships with the various stakeholders, who can be in multiple locations.  This approach enables us to meet our customers’ needs in the most effective and efficient way.


For more information about our account management support or to arrange an informal chat with one of our account managers, please contact us.



John Lennon

“To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world “

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